Hello, I'm a software engineer by trade and really enjoy doing that.  My love is in the visual UX side of things and I have really been liking Angular and JavaScript as of late, but I do the full stack SQL Server, Web Services and MVC websites.  

I currently work on the business to business team of 1-800-Contacts.  They are a great company to work for.  They value their employees and offer very good learning opportunities and benefits.  

I also dabble in internet marketing. I've tried to learn as much as I can and am still learning.  I wouldn't mind giving out advice or even helping set up a WordPress site.

For a short stint I did sales in the solar industry and worked with Solar City, SunRun, SunPower. That was an awesome experience and I learned a lot. I'm pretty well versed in the available options, so if you ever need advice on what the deal is with Solar, I'd love to chat.

This site was designed using Thrive Theme's tools.  It's pretty awesome.  I have an agency license and if you'd like to build something like this, I can help you get set up with hosting and a bare bones but ready to rock website.

You can reach me at michael at spackman.info